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Festival in Myanmar

Major Ceremony of Buddhist


One important family celebration is ShinPyu or the novitiation ceremony. This is a main duty of parents.  This was done to sacrifice his human dress to the yellow robe.  The first step in novitiation is to put the boy under a monk to learn the rules of behavior as a novice. Than comes the auspicious play when he receives the robe. The boy’s head is shaved and a senior monk invests him with the robe. After the boy has recited the pali verses vowing to live according to the rules of the order. Before the shaving ceremony, the procession will be led by colourful decoration of the novice in brilliant coronation regalia of Myanmar kings on horse back or by shouldering.
Other participants including robes and offerings carriers belles of the native, accompanied by the musical troupe. And proceed to the monastery. A Shaving will be done & the food offered to the guests.

New Year Festival

New year Festival celebrates the whole country in every April (once a year). It is a Great Festival. Name is Water Festival. It means wash the bad things from last year & welcome to next year. Pouring water to each other is for fun. Welcome to new year & to elder people is to get merit & to be respect pouring the water with sandalwood cream and cut the nails. Festival it lasts 4 to 6 days. Depends on Myanmar calendar. Almost Buddhist people give the food free to every body during the festival. There is singing and dancing at decorated on stage in day & Night time.
We would like to invite to the visitors all over the world to participate our New Year Festival (ThinGyan Festival) Please.
In New Year, tribe people (Pa Oo) who are from Shan State carry the food like a procession head to monastery and offering to Buddha. They are praying with their offering food.


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