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Myanmar has a very good future regarding tourism. We have strong attractions to all visitors. Different life styles of different races, nature, different facial features& smiles. Such smiles enchant visitors.

All over Myanmar, new places are opening for tourism, giving visitor a chance to explore more & more of this beautiful country.

Our country comprises Seven States and Seven Divisions. According to State and Division, would like to inform marvellous new tour sites, Interesting tour sites through Border Areas, Unforgettable Festivals with main tour sites for Fresher Visitors.

We have new International Entrances more. Before we used Yangon International Airport only. Now, Mandalay International Airport and other interesting Entrances are China Border Area (Muse), Tachileik (Thai Border Area), Kawthoung (Thai Border Area) and Through Moray in India to Tamuu in Myanmar.


The Myanmar Saing Waing Orchestra is spectacular in appearance and unique in the kind of Music it produces. The Saing Waing orchestra is composed of the most unusual musical instrument in the world. . The word Saing waing is derived from Saing (to be suspended or to be hung) and waing circular in shape. We use special occasion, which is Pagoda Festival, Nat Festival celebrated by Saing Waing. Decorated by glass mosaic and bamboo, wood and brass.
Date back between First & the Ninth centuries.15th century, was the period when the Myanmar puppet theatre was born.


During the winter time (October to March), Pagodas individual annual Festivals were celebrated with Pwe, whole night performances: lively variety shows such as traditional songs, dances, opera, dance drama pop songs, modern dramas and Nats plays.



Myanmar Food

Myanmar food has a unique flavor & characteristics of its own. The basic food consists of rice & curry. It is also characteristically flavored by ngapi, a fermented shrimp paste. A favorite breakfast and lunch dish is MonHinGa a soup with fish and rice noodles. Another one is kaukswe, a chicken and noodle dish cooked in coconut milk.

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