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Through India Border to Myanmar

After we passed Moray in India, we will reach Tamuu in Myanmar.
Welcomed from Tamuu, which is located in Myanmar. Drive to Kalay about two hours drive from. Sightseeing and overnight in there. And proceed to Kalaywa by car about one hour and take the public boat or charter boat along in Chindwin River to Monywa about five hours. Senery of River cruise is fabulous.


Located just beyond Sagaing. It is fascination for the “temple-phile” because of variety of rather unusual pagodas and temples found there. Sunsets over the Chindwin are particularly picturesque. It is ThamBoddhay Temple complex. The pillars are topped by stupas of various sizes. Pillars are filled with Buddha images. Another temple, complex spread out on the Pho-Win Hill on the west bank of Chindwin River. Buddha images are seated in the caves. Can enjoy the wall painting.
And ShwebaTaung (a complex of temple) details in pink sand stone are etched into the entrance of the caves. 
A short walk away from the Hpowintaung caves is the rock temple of ShweBaTaung. Completely different in form, these much larger rock temples are carved deep into the soft rock and then painted a riot of colours. Save three hours to travel to and from Monywa and see the main sights at Hpowintaung & ShweBaTaung.

Monywa Hotel and Win Unity Hotel are accommodation in Monywa.

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