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To the south of Myanmar through Border


Visitors come in through Ranong to Kawthoung by long tail boat. A boat ride takes about 20 minutes. After finish the office work at the checkpoint, entry to Kawthaung and sight seeing around in Kawthaung. Kawthaung is located at very southern end of Myanmar. It is a border town. After two hours flying from Yangon, we will arrive Kawthaung, which is one of the Border entrances to Myanmar, and out to Thailand. It is very beautiful seaside scenery. When looking out into the Andaman Sea, you can make out ThaHtayKyun (the Boss Island) towards the horizon. Due directly east is the town of Ranong in Thailand territory. It is a busy fishing port where the seafood caught are almost all exported directly. Honey Bear Hotel in Kawthaung is facing to sea, close to the Harbour. Location is nice, service and rooms are comfortable.

And Express boat to Myeik about seven hours from Kawthaung. Very interesting trip to south of Myanmar. We can fly to Myeik also. In Myeik, most of the nice and two storey wooden houses are near the Market in down town. Really nice walking around in there. Most Famous Bird nest is very efficient to make traditional medicine. Actually, those kind of small birds make the nest on very high rocky place. It is very difficult to find and very dangerous to get the nest. So very expensive. But many birds come and stay in a house in Myeik. It is too strange. Luckily, only one place in Myeik. This house is only for the precious birds. The family stay another house.

Take about 1hour drive by boat from Myeik to the island and excursion to small village their ways of life the people. And visit to natural beach and picnic place for native people. And excursion to home Industry of cashew nut, from raw to final roasted stage.They transport to whole country. When we drive out of town, will find a natural swimming pool after through the wood.

Accommodation in Myeik, Dolphin Guest House which is clean and good service.

Continue toTavoy from Myeik by express boat about four hours.

Accommodation in Tavoy, Pale A Kari Guesthouse is colonial building. Double storey building.


Visit to MoungMakhan Beach. And enjoy it. Fly from Tavoy to Yangon. Overnight in there and next morning, drive to Golden Rock (KyaikHtiYo Pagoda). The Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is one of the most religious sites in Myanmar. It is certainly one of the most spectacular locations of any pagodas in south East Asia. Kyaikhtiyo pagoda rests on top of a precariously balanced boulder overhanging a cliff atop a ridge more than 3500 feet above sea level. A place of pilgrimage to the enshrinement of hairs from Buddha. The pagoda (golden Rock) is separated from the compound area by a deep cleft that accentuates the precarious location of the pagoda on the edge of the cliff. A small bridge crosses the gap to allow visitors. Men and monks only on to the cliff face. Dawn & Sunset are the most auspicious times. From Yangon to base camp of KyaikHtiyo, take about four and half hours drive. We have two ways to go up from base camp. One is one-hour drive by open truck with tiny bench. And about one hour walk up to the Pagoda. Second is long walk up to the Pagoda about five hours. When we walk up the top, there are many rest stops where vendors sell food & drink. Many lovely sitting places are almost every step of the way.

Ideal time to visit the Kyaikhtiyo (The pagoda on a Rock) Pagoda is during October to March. Sleep one night on the top.

KyaikHto Hotel is good accommodation on the top. Really nice view to pagoda from there and good service.

And proceed to Mawlamyaing it is capital of Mon State. Situated beside Thanlwin River. Shampoo Island (GaungSayKyun) is Religious Island in Thanlwin River. About 15 minutes by small engine boat to this Island from Mawlamyaing. But it is Isolated. Very quiet & peaceful walk around in there. Nice place for Meditation. Many religious statues are created by chief monk. Monasteries & nunneries are in there also. In Mawlamyaing, Sein Don who is queen of king MINDON. She stayed her last time in that pretty small palace decorated in gold inside. Interesting to see inside. Overlooking to Mawlamyaing Thanlwin River & Sunset is fascinating view from viewpoint. Take about 45 minutes drive by small engine boat with local people; we reach Bilu Island, which consists 64 villages. From the harbor of this Island, we use by Horse cart and visit around some villages and home industries. Handicrafts from coconut tree & wood are amazing. They transport to the whole country. Really artistic. And ways of life Mon Race. Good Myanmar cuisine is famous from Mawlamyaing. Many nice colonial Building is still in Mawlamyaing. Attran Hotel (Bungalow type) facing to Thanlwin River. It is nice view. Ngwe Moe Hotel is room type. It is nice room.

From Mawlamyaing to Mudon take about one& half hour by car. On the way, can see the best quality of Pomelo, Durian, Mangostein & other fresh fruit. And the biggest reclining Buddha in Myanmar is located in Mudon. Inside the reclining Buddha have four stories. Interesting to look around the religious museum by statues inside. It is underconstruction. KyaikKhami pagoda is located in the Sea. Can walk to Pagoda by two levels of walkway. Men &Women pay homage the Buddha separate place. Seaweed salad is very special from this area. And KyaikMayaw, Big Buddha Image is very special posture. It is looks like sitting on the chair. Only one posture in Myanmar. Back to Mawlamyaing.

Next day, take the public boat to Pha-an about 3 hours. Really nice scenery along the boat trip. In Hpa-an, Zwekabin Mountain is their significant. At the foot of Zwekhabin, many seated Buddha images are in the huge compound. About one hour by open small engine boat to the village, after pass the village, we will see the many tiny Buddha statues are stick on the wall of the cave. It is Amazing. This is we called Kawgun cave. Hpa-an is capital of Kayin state. One of the Race called Kayin stay in this state. Can visit to their houses & life style. And drive back to Yangon.

Tiger Hotel is the good accommodation in Hpa-an.

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