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Entry from Mesai in Thailand to Tachileik in Myanmar (Thai Border)

Tachileik is the golden triangle place. Just border area and about 4 hours drive to KyaingTong to see the different hill tribes.


Surrounded by the jungled mountains, it is a pleasant pastoral scene that leads the visitors to a side track and into the hills; you will enjoy unforgettable picnic lunch on the way up to hills. When we go up to the hill, we will find the huge bamboo trees with holes. People who take the bamboo worms in it they sell the bamboo worm crispy in the market & stalls. Sticky rice, sausage, cracker & spicy sauce.
Ann hill tribe
Since they were young, start the practice chew a kind of bark from jungle like betel quid, which bark leaves mouths black especially black teeth and forever.
At one time Kengtung was a walled city and some of the old gates can still be seen, although now, the town has gowns beyond its previous limits.

Their costume is marvelous with silver beads and woven by hand. Akha women are very proud in their swinging women hemp skirts, their leggings and silver head pieces.

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