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Myanmar is a country truly rich in its natural resources.

Mogok (Ruby land)

Now open to all foreign visitors to go to Mogok or Ruby land. Town situation is surrounded by mountains. One of the cool places in Myanmar also. Mogok has been famous for its precious rubies & gems since the days of ancient Myanmar monarchs. Mogok is renowned for producing the world's best grade of rubies and the highly valued star sapphires. It is good chance to see the procedure in mine. Mogok is in the Mandalay Division. Between Mandalay & Mogok, Driving hour is about 7&half hours for one way. Road is winding up to Mogok. Before entrance the Town, introduce with mine to the visitors. Really amazing excursion to mine. Different procedure from natural resources soil to Ruby, sapphire and other precious stones. Some of the mines are really huge mines.
Mines are joint venture with local & government. Gem market on the streets is fantastic. Only women gem market, both men & women gem market are marvellous. Devotees from Mogok donated golden throne & silver throne are Religious significant for Mogok. It is decorated by very precious stone. On the way back, can visit to Monastic education in Monastery. And excursion to gold mine by car. Explaination of the people from gold mine will see very beginning step to final step. And Head to Mandalay.

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