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For Fresher Visitors

Southern Shan State

Inle Lake

It is the second largest lake in Myanmar. It is the perfect place to go slowly, to relax and soak up the atmosphere, to enjoy a relaxing start to an indolent day. An enjoyable boat ride to villages and markets which are always fun & those around Inle are no exception.
The people who live in Inle Lake we called Intha. The Inthas build their houses on stilts over the lake. They stand one of their livings is cultivation on Floating block. At the bank of the lake, many grasses & small plants are growing there. After many years, they become huge, thick floating block. They cut about five feet wide, fifty or one hundred feet long and bring to close their village. They stick to the bottom of the lake by bamboo. To become permanent floating block. They put seaweeds & mud layer by layer from the lake. And plant various kinds of vegetable even the rice. We called Floating Garden. Especially fresh & delicious Tomatoes. Transport to the whole country.
The different villages around the lake have, by rotation (every five day) a colorful market where you will have the chance to observe the some minorities coming down from their mountain villages to sell their produce. It is fascination to watch the first stirring of village life along the bank of Inle Lake This is a magnificent in our country.

PhaungDawOo Pagoda Festival is one of the famous & interesting in Myanmar. It lasts 18 days procession in Inle lake held in once a year. September or October. It is depends on Myanmar calendar Year. Very outstanding men & women row by legs & welcome to big Royal barge with five Buddha Images gilded gold it looks like Gold stone & small one. Fully recommended visit once to there please.
In PhaungDawOo Pagoda Festival The Royal Karaweik Barge will carry Buddha images and stop at about twenty villages and to pay homage for people. It is also a chance for the Intha people to display their prowess of one leg rowing it is unique to Inle lake.


It is one of the remarkable places in Inle Lake. The impressive ruins of hundreds of ancient pagodas, some hidden in the vegetation & overgrown by trees & plants.

After 2hrs drive from HEHO Airport or after one and half hour drive from Kalaw we will arrive PINDAYA.



Where is a peaceful atmosphere with an air of colonization greats you. It is one of the hill stations in Myanmar. High lights for Trekking to hill tribe who is Palaung.


It is famous for natural lime stone cave. The origins of the caves are still obscure, but for centuries, devotees have placed status of different shapes & sizes inside. Some are ancient. It is estimated that over 8000 images lie in the caves. Dating from at least several centuries back to the present. The old Teak Monastery with about 500 yrs old lacquer Buddha Image and croton plantation is surrounding of Monastery. It is a quiet & nice place to visit & meditation.

Kyone & Pwe Hla

On the way to Pindaya, we will pass Kyone which is small village, from there to continue by road to Mandalay. More shorter than normal route from Mandalay to Shan State. Roads are winding up & down. Along the way, landscape is really marvelous. We can enjoy the exotic landscape and Pa Oo hill tribe villages.

Pwe Hla

It is one of the famous place in former time. Because Shan Royal Palace (Haw) is there. Last generation of Chief (SawBwa) has only one daughter left. She Stydied in Kalaw convent school & finished in Yangon University. At present, sister of the chief stay in PweHla.

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