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Putao is located very northern most part of Myanmar in Kachin state.
Khakaborazi is located in Putao the highest mountain in the whole of south East Asia.
Small private (Rawan tribe) Museum is found in Rawan village. We can visit the life of Rawan in the small Museum. Some specimen is very rare to find at present. Very good collection.
And Lisuu (Tribe) village is near the Mularshidi suspension bridge for jeep very nice landscape. All the houses are build in large compound. It is the Bamboo house with Thatcher roof. Unforgettable nice walking around the village with very green plantation.
Another village, which is Machanbaw, about one half hour drive from Putao. It is famous for Grapefruit. Other kinds of fruit. The fruit which Parcimon, they preserved this & transport to MyitKyina.Transport around Putao is by old Jeep. Very enjoyable. It stands at a height of 4600 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by snow capped ranges of beautiful mountains from north to south. It is the nearest town to the base camp for climbing Mt'Khakhaborazi.

Huge building hotel is room type. Some are bungalows. Roof of the hotel facing to marvelous view to Mt. Khakaborazi.

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