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Northern Shan State head to China border area

We take by train from Mandalay to Pyin OoLwin and proceed to Magnificent Gokehteik Viaduct.

PyinULwin (formerly Maymyo)

A former British hill station east of Mandalay. It is a small & peaceful town. Botanical garden is most charming with full of colorful & good fragrant flowers. In spring, the different natural flowers bloom all over town like a flowers carpet. So he has another lovely name, it is Pan Myo Daw (Royal flower City). Sweet Damson wine & other wine by grape parcimon home industry is really interesting to excursion there.
In earlier times it was one of Myanmar’s most popular hill stations. And for today’s tourists, a favorite side trip from Mandalay. It gives us a scene of the country’s great beauty.

Take the car from next small station of Gokehteik Viaduct to Lashio. Lashio it is a capital of Northern Shan State.
The train ride from Mandalay to Gokehteik viaduct, this trip is one of the most scenic beauty in Myanmar Gokehteik viaduct, the huge steel viaduct was considered something of an engineering marvel when it was build in 1903.


We get off the train after Gokteik viaduct; We take by car and continue to. It is small town. Home industry of preserve the different kinds of Fruit are famous in the whole country. Famous brand for preserved is “white elephant”.


And proceed to Hsipaw. It is noted for Shan Palace (Haw) where its last Sawbwa (Shan Royal Chief) and his Australian wife lived until 1964. The European style palace. Now Sawbwa’s nephew stay there. We can visit and look around there. Around Hsipaw, light trekking to Shan villages & boat riding is unforgettable trip also.
After we overnight in Hsipaw, next day we continue to Lashio.

Mr. Charles' Guest House is convenient to stay in Hsipaw


Local Market in Lashio is fantastic. Palaung hill tribe selling their vegetables in the market every morning. Very good taste & fragrant green tea is famous from there also. Selling goods such as textile etc. are Chinese influence. Chinese Temple in lashio is interesting to visit.

Lashio Motel is the best place to over night.

From Lashio, to we can head to China border (Muse) by car. But we need to get the permission to visit to Muse, from Myanmar Travels & Tours. On the way, can enjoy the beautiful landscape and will pass the check points. We can enter and depart through Muse. From Muse, it has two opportunities for visit around in Myanmar. One is Muse-Nankhan-Bahmo and etc.... Second is Muse-Lashio-PyinOoLwin-Mandalay and etc....

Shawyarsu Hotel is one of the nice place accommodate. It is situated close to downtown.

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