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Rakhine State

Mrauk U was the last royal capital of the Rakhine dynasty. Mrauk U is a walled city. The city walls were built by joining the higher points of ridges in places hill slopes were leveled for ramparts.

Shittaung Temple 80000 images seated in the temples. All the temples  are constructed by Sand Stone. Completely different architecture to other Pagodas in Myanmar.
Shitthaung lying on a Hillock, to the north of the Palace Side is more a fortress then a Pagoda.
It shows the culture heritage of Rakhine. Inside, sculptures are Relief of people in Rakhine dress engaged in dancing, boxing, drama, wrestling and Farming.

Walking around to the village of ethnic group in Rakhaine state called ‘Thet” who are wearing big metal ring in ear. Only the ladies. Few ladies left in Mrauk U. They like to smoke pipes. So dry Tobacco leaf are sold in the Mrauk U Market. It is interesting to sip the sarkae from rice in their village.

Another race called Chin tribe. They stay in one and half by small boat with roof from Mrauk U. Water way to the chin tribe is really nice & visit around village is wonderful. The ladies of Chin tribe in Myanmar, according to their tradition, they are beautiful with blue lines of tattooed pattern on their face.

Numerous stone & brick temples, the most impressive temple is shitthaung temple. It looks more like a fortress than pagoda.

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